WHEN TO PRUNE Mid-July to Beginning August. Pruning encourages sprouting even during fairly low temperatures. Newly sprouted leaves are tender and could be burnt by... Read More


Pin cushions originate largely from the Western Cape but have proved to be excellent garden plants in many parts of the country including Pietermaritzburg and... Read More


It’s easy to go overboard with purchasing gardening tools. The latest equipment promises a new level of expertise previously unrivalled, not to mention ease of... Read More


Daffodils are one of the easiest spring bulbs to grow. Although we most often think of bright yellow daffodils, there in are lots of varieties available... Read More

Feed Your Soil

With the on-set of autumn, now is the perfect time to prepare your soil for planting winter and spring annuals. Your garden is a living ecosystem that... Read More

Box Hedges

Lush green clipped box hedges are part and parcel of many formal garden landscapes. They create defined shapes and patterns for years on end, lending... Read More
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