A smattering of the International Garden Trends for 2019

Garden writers and horticultural media houses around the globe forecast gardening trends as each new year dawns. Here are a few of the more relevant and topical pointers for the year 2019. Use them for ideas and inspiration to stimulate changes in your very own garden environment.


Re-connecting with the natural world – save the planet – is the overriding message for all garden folk in 2019. The younger generations are becoming “greener” than ever with a strong desire to do what is correct to safeguard planet earth for future generations. This is important in the context of the home garden where basic practices (planting, feeding, pest control) will be viewed seriously in terms of being environmentally friendly and procedurally correct.  


Garden layouts and landscape designs will become more of the unexpected and haphazard in terms of plant combinations and planting styles. Less formal and more informal will be the order of the year 2019. Expect less formal clipped hedges and more meadow gardens with grass and flowers along with herbs growing in a tumbling delight of absolute chaos.

Gardeners and designers will be pushing the boundaries of “the acceptable” to the limit. Exciting times and prospects for all those who abhor orderliness in their everyday lives. Spontaneity and spur of the moment could be key factors in the garden which is relevant with the hectic lives so many live these days.


Optimum space utilisation will be of prime importance as garden size continues to decrease globally. Smaller gardens mean that vertical space becomes important in squeezing more plants in and around the home. These are just some of the many ways of using limited space more efficiently.


Pots offer flexibility – display them close together when plants are young, spacing them further and further apart as plants grow bigger. This luxury doesn’t exist in the ground where pruning is the only way of preventing overcrowding.


These are square or rectangular wooden boxes, woven baskets, recycled metal containers planted up and used for table décor both indoors and out. Anything other than standard plant pots will always make a statement.


Hanging planters add a different dimension to the garden. A wide range of plants can be grown successfully in hanging baskets and other suspendible containers.


Shelves, both indoors and outdoors offer more space for potted plants. Outdoor walls can be turned into attractive features with shelves spaced far enough apart to allow plants to grow.


These have long been a part of interior decorating practices. The same effect can be achieved by using structures or plants in the form of hedges to create outdoor garden rooms.


Dwarf, low and compact plants will be the order of the day in order to be able to fit more into confined spaces.

Urban gardens in city centres are gaining momentum around the world. Grass gardens on rooftops, vegetable and herb patches in rejuvenated industrial areas, warehouses’ converted into retail shopping experiences. All of these illustrate that new gardening opportunities abound – sometimes in the most unlikely places.


Herbal teas and exotic cocktails are the beverages gaining in popularity. This encourages the cultivation of herbs and berries for use in and around the home. The current gin fashion requires fresh herbs like mint and rosemary along with an array of fruit and berries. Fresh from our garden always has an impression on guests that are being entertained.


Staying at home more with less travel vacations places on emphasis on outdoor entertainment areas in your own garden. This allows for excitement and interest literally in your own back yard. Outdoor cooking and eating facilities, a television set in the garden, meditation areas are all additions to the standard pool and patio scenario.


Both rough and smooth on large and small scales are likely to grow in popularity. Re-cycled pallets are being used for creating wall gardens and vertical planters. Wood can be left natural or painted using fashionable colours and interesting techniques. Wooden benches and furniture is a lot warmer and comforting than concrete or metal.


Fashion colours for 2019 which will undoubtedly filter into the garden, outdoor living rooms and the urban landscape feature – earthy or natural tones – mushroom, clays, caramels, leafy greens, rich blues, wooden accents, copper / gold, rich red, merlot, grey and passionate pink. There certainly seems to be something for everyone!