• In a bowl, mix together water and garden lime in a 50:50 ratio.  Stir well until it forms a paste.  This should now be easy to apply to your pot with a foam brush.  Should the mixture be too thick, just add a little more water.
  • Brush the lime solution onto your terracotta pot.  Ensure that it’s completely covered with a thick layer, adding a second layer if needed.
  • Once your pot is completely dry, use a little sandpaper to smooth out any grit left on the pot. Feel free to sand some spots more aggressively for an uneven, natural look.
  • Note: Since you’ll be sealing the pot with a spray that will remove some of the lime, leave more than you’d like to see in the final result.
  • Once the sanding is finished, lightly brush off any excess powder with a dry paint brush.
  • Spray the pot with the matte sealer, letting it dry to the touch between coats.
  • Use quick, light passes and aim for three to four layers of sealer.