Tillandsias or air plants as they commonly known are members of the bromeliad group of plants that hail from Central and South America. There are over 400 different species of these amazing little plants. They are found growing in tropical rain forests, moist montane forests, savannah scrub and even harsh deserts. These are some of the most highly evolved forms of plant life to be found.

Roots are minimal and serve to attach the plants onto trees or rocks. Nutrients and moisture is absorbed through leaf scales on both upper and under surfaces of the leaves. Flowers are borne in spikes at various different times of the year. They grow into multi-rosetted clumps and make unusual features on tree trunks or any other suitable means of support in the garden. Some are cold hardy whilst others from the warmer climates need winter protection. A range of ait plants is in stock now, all with correct botanical names.

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