Arctotis are one of the hardiest flowering ground covers around and are native to Africa. The foliage of Arctotis varies in shades of silver, grey and green. Huge Daisy flowers, which sit about 40cm above the foliage, come in various colours such as pink, red, orange, yellow and cream. Traditional varieties of Arctotis flower from spring to autumn. Some of the newer hybrids such as ‘Hannah’, ‘Hayley’ and the ‘Safari’ series flower through winter.  Arctotis grow just about anywhere, including severely sloped sites.  They prefer a sandy, well drained soil in a full sun position but will tolerate part shade. A general purpose fertilizer should be applied in spring, and again in late summer. Remove spent flowers regularly to keep plants looking tidy and to encourage additional blooms.

Arctotis are at their best when planted en masse as a ground cover, can also be grown in mixed plantings of other flowering perennials and annuals. Suitable for container growing as well.