BOTANICAL NAME: Azalea Indica ‘Claude Goyet’
COMMON NAME:  Azalea double large red No. 14

An evergreen shrub with lush dark green leaves, a vigorous growth habit and an abundance of large, double red blooms.

DESCRIPTION:  An evergreen shrub with lush dark green leaves and a vigorous growth habit.  They attain heights of 1.5m or more and can grow equally as wide if allowed.  During spring, an abundance of large, double red blooms smother the bush.  Odd blooms appear sporadically through the year.

CULTURAL INFORMATION:  Azaleas grow best in coolish, high rainfall climates.  They require well drained, acidic soil and year-round water to excel.  Add acid compost and/or peat moss to plating holes or mix in with potting mix for pot specimens.  A thick mulch of pine needles or pine bark on the surface of the soil around the plant keeps them in pristine condition.  Apply 5:1:5 slow release nitrogen fertiliser every 3 months.  Water well during winter.  Moderately frost hardy.  Black frost can cause damage.

GARDEN USES:  These are possibly the showiest and most popular Azaleas of all.  They are good for woodland gardens where dappled shade suites perfectly.  They are great in large pots or containers on shaded patios.  They are a wonderful garden shrub for semi-shaded areas in a wide range of areas.