BOTANICAL NAME: Azalea Indica Pax
COMMON NAME:  Double white azalea

Low-growing evergreen shrub with lush foliage and clusters of double white flowers.


A low-growing evergreen shrub growing to about 1m tall and a similar width.  Lush apple green foliage offsets the clusters of double white flowers to great effect.  The many petalled flowers are 4cm to 6cm in diameter and are borne in profusion in late winter or early spring.  Sporadic blooms appear in summer and autumn as well, adding to the allure of this most desirable azalea.

White azaleas are always welcomed in semi-shaded areas to add light and lustre to the garden.  Excellent for pots and containers, woodland gardens or in protected parts of the shrubbery.

Azaleas perform best in dappled shade and in light, loamy, acidic soil.  Plant out using peat moss and/or acid mix in the planting hole.  Mulch with pine needles or pine bark to keep the roots healthy.  Apply 5:1:5  granular fertiliser every 8 weeks.  Prune lightly after flowering to maintain the shape.  Water well during winter.