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Basket of Beans

WHERE TO PLANTBeans come in two types: bush beans and pole beans. Bush beans don’t need any kind of support to stay upright. Pole beans, on the other hand, require a pole or some other support to stay upright.

Make sure that you choose a sunny spot for your beans as they need full sun to produce best.  If you’d like a continuous harvest of bush beans, make sure to plant out new bush bean seeds throughout the season, about once every 2 weeks.

SOIL CONDITIONSBush beans grow best in well drained, organic material rich soil.  Plant your bush bean seeds about 4cm deep and 10cm apart.

MAINTENANCEOnce your bush beans have started growing, they need little care. Ensure that they get well watered about once a week. Compost or fertiliser can be added after your beans have sprouted, but if you started out with organic, rich soil, they do not need it.

HARVESTINGYou will have an abundant harvest if you remember to pick your beans regularly. Most beans are harvested before the seed grows too large, and the overall harvest will continue for many weeks if the beans are picked every day or so.

COMPANION PLANTSBeetroot, celery, cucumber, nasturtium, radishes, strawberries.