WHERE TO PLANTBeetroots are easy to grow.  With just a small effort, you can be rewarded with tight, round, purplish-red roots that can be pickled, roasted or grated raw into salads.  Beetroot likes the sun, but can manage in partial shade.  They can even be grown in containers with plenty of drainage holes in the bottom.

SOIL CONDITIONSBecause beetroots are root vegetables, they like fine, lump-free soil of about 10cm – 15cm deep.  If you have sandy soil, it will be ideal for planting out your beetroot.  A sandy, free-flowing soil allows the roots to grow evenly as they penetrate the soil and swell to perfection.  Dig through some well-rotted compost before planting.

MAINTENANCEYour beetroot plants will need regular watering – especially in dry weather. Their soil should be cool and damp when you push your finger tip beneath the surface. As your seedling begin to swell at the base, mulch the surrounding soil to help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.

HARVESTINGHarvesting beetroot is generally when the globes are about 5cm in diameter (about the size of a golf-ball). If you want larger globes, thin the rows as they grow to give the remaining ones more space. Picking your beetroot when the globes are smaller often results in them being more tender.COMPANION PLANTSCarrots, lettuce, cucumber, onions, fennel, cabbage, beans, broccoli, kale and kohlrabi.