Bedding begonias have long been the mainstay of the summer flower garden. They perform in semi-shade but grow in sun and deeper shade as well. Today there are a host of newer begonia hybrids on the market. They grow to much larger proportions than their lesser relatives, often to almost a metre in height. They bloom all through summer and autumn, continuing into winter in frost free climates. Plants can last 3 or 4 years in the garden if looked after and maintained correctly. A mulch of compost and a covering of straw in colder winter climates can protect begonias sufficiently to allow them to grow back in spring when all danger of frost is gone.

Come and see the BIG range of begonias, they’re outstanding for adding impact to the garden. BABY WINGS and DRAGON WINGS continue to provide much needed summer and autumn colour, especially in pots and hanging baskets. Planting is definitely believing when it comes to begonias!