Blackwood’s is growing or branching out with the recent acquisition of two new retail outlets. These new additions to the Blackwood’s brand will be upgraded and refurbished before being re- launched. Until then trading will continue as per normal. Richard’s Bay is due to be completed for this spring 2019 season, whilst the Hillcrest upgrade will be undertaken over a much longer time frame. Minor changes and improvements are currently on the go at Dieter’s in order to make a difference during the forthcoming gardening season.

The coffee shop at Green Africa will re-open shortly whilst the restaurant at Dieters will only be open again once new facilities have been built. This exciting news is going to enhance and improve the plants and products offered at all Blackwood’s stores. Access to plants from different climatic growing conditions will supplement the current production from Blackwood Nursery in Richmond. This will ensure greater range and variety across the spectrum of plants suitable for growing in the diverse climatic conditions experienced in Kwazulu-Natal.