Blackwood’s Own is a branded selection of garden plants that are produced in-house at Blackwood Nursery in Richmond, KZN. The vision behind this
product range is to create a brand within the market that the consumer can identify with quality and value for money.

Our Products are Hand Picked to be:

  • Always fresh
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for baskets, pots and window boxes
  • Suitable for all gardens, large or small
  • A pleasure to mix and match


Blackwood’s Own Products Include:

  • Flower seedlings (annuals)
  • Seasonal Vegetable Seedlings
  • Perennial Flowers and succulents
  • Culinary Herbs

Why Insist on this Brand?

The Blackwood’s Own branded products are grown at Blackwood Nursery using growing techniques that are in line with the latest growing methods using modern day growing mediums. Our growing mediums consist of a combination of renewable resources that retain moisture far more than current bark based mediums. This reduces the watering requirements which in turn reduces the feeding
requirements as much less nutrient is lost through leaching. Our products are also pre-enriched with long lasting, slow release fertilisers which reduces the need and ultimately the cost of feeding and caring for your plant. It is however recommended that a suitable water soluble fertiliser is applied to the products every 2 to 3 weeks to ensure optimum growing results.


Help us Care for the Environment

The Blackwood’s Own brand is very conscious of the ever increasing pressure we place on our environment. Our products are produced in 14cm plastic pots and plastic cavity trays that tend to end up in our Municipal waste sites.
Help us to recycle and reuse this plastic packaging by returning your pots and trays to your nearest Blackwood’s Own stockist, so that we may either re-use the material or discard the material appropriately.