Bush Dipladenia

BOTANICAL NAME:  Mandevilla splendens hybrids
COMMON NAME: Bush Dipladenia



Evergreen small shrubs or light climbers with waxy foliage and milky sap that bloom for months on end.  The trumpet-shaped flowers are 4cm to 5cm in diameter, produced on racemes with multiple buds that open in succession.  Colours include white, pink, red and a darker maroon.  At present, we offer a selection of the Diamantina hybrids, which have proved to be amongst the finest on offer.


Dipadenias are unrivalled as outdoor pot plants for a sunny position, providing never-ending colour from spring through to autumn.  They are best in pots that hold in  excess of 35 litres of soil.  The thick, fleshy roots can become pot bound relatively quickly in small containers.  They can be trained on a low trellis or fence as a climber, or pruned into a bushy shrub.


These plants grow well in sun or dappled shade. They need well-drained soil.  Feed with 3:1:6 water-soluble plant food monthly.  Prune back any scraggly growth in early spring.  Mandevilla splendens are sensitive to winter cold and frost.  They are generally easy to grow in suitable climatic conditions.