A Top Shrub

BOTANICAL NAME: Camellia sasanqua hybrids
COMMON NAME: Autumn Camellia



Evergreen, large shrubs or small trees with smallish dark green glossy leaves.  Masses of single or double blooms are produced in autumn.  Many different named hybrids abound, each with distinctive flower characteristics.  Some are richly fragrant.  Can grow up to 5m tall with a soft, willowy habit.


Good for boundary hedges or screens.  They are and ideal specimen tree for small gardens.  They can be cut into a topiary or standards.  Fine pot or container specimens.  Excellent for espalier work.


Plant in sun or light shade.  They won’t flower in deep shade.  They grow best in light, loamy soil with acid mix and/or peat moss added.  Water well until plants are established.


Mulch with a layer of pine bark or pine needles.  Feed with a 5:1:5 slow release nitrogen fertiliser every 3 months.  Prune back after flowering if necessary.  Clip topiary specimens regularly.  Easy to grow and extremely rewarding.  Cold hardy.


Combine well in the shrubbery with azaleas, brunfelsias, japonica camellias, hydrangeas and nandinas.