Hemerocallis hybrids or daylilies as they’re commonly called are amongst the most reliable of all the many perennial plants for local growing conditions. They form bold clumps of lush green foliage and are generous in the large blooms that appear from early summer through to autumn. Each flower lasts just a day or two but the sheer numbers more than compensate for this. Good in sun or dappled shade, cold and frost hardy and capable of withstanding dry conditions, daylilies are a joy to grow in most gardens. Certain ones are evergreen and retain foliage through winter whilst others die down completely through winter and emerge again in spring to bloom through summer and autumn. Flowers range in size shape and colour with most being shades of yellow, orange, brown and bronze. Some are pale pastel shades whilst others are brightly coloured. Many named hybrids are available from specialist growers and breeders.