Your furry friends are so important to consider when tending to your garden. Our labours of love in the yard can also benefit our beloved pets in providing an area that is safe and stimulating.

Please find Vet House’s monthly advice below to encourage a happier and healthier pet at home…

As gardeners, we do appreciate the positive effects of having bees pollinate our plants. A healthy garden is a symbiosis. However, some insects can be bothersome. In summer months, bees are very active. This can pose a risk if a swarm becomes aggressive toward a pet. This is a real safety concern and we advise that if this does occur, please consider your safety utmost. Although our instinct is to rescue, escaping a swarm of bees can be difficult. Immersing yourself and your pet into a body of water is helpful. Attempting to run away is rarely successful so please avoid approaching.

If your pet is stung once or twice, a mild reaction may be seen. This is typically seen as a swollen muzzle and puffy eyes. A visit to the vet for an injection will resolve these symptoms. However, if a swarm is encountered and your pet receives multiple stings, this is considered an emergency. A pet can go into anaphylactic shock. Collapse, difficulty breathing and coma may result. Immediate veterinary attention is vital, as this can be fatal. So, be safe out there and if you have any questions about bees, don’t hesitate to call Vet House!