Gardening without Blackwood’s – 2020 lockdown

Three short months ago we were all in the throes of recovering from celebrating the arrival of a New Year, 2020 had arrived with much anticipation and promise of a better and more fulfilling future. A new decade of hope, stability and growth was at the forefront of everyone’s mind. At the time nobody could have predicted where we all stand today. The whole world has been turned on its head and it’s being postulated that life for us humans will never be the same again.

One thing though is for certain – we will need to continue gardening. It may change or alter in needs, wants, style and direction but all of us have to grow plants to feed ourselves and our souls. For every plant has a purpose in enriching our lives – we just need to be able to identify and appreciate the specific value of every one. Even weeds of the most disliked kinds have a purpose – they create challenges for us gardeners in terms of controlling and eradicating them. Every challenge in turn, that is met in life affords the individual growth and experience. The moral of the story is that each and every one of us needs to get a better and deeper understanding of the dynamics of nature and in turn – life itself.

Go out into the garden today with new eyes and a somewhat altered appreciation for all that you see around you. Learn to see weeding as a therapeutic pastime and not a monotonous gardening chore. The sense of achievement on completion of many garden tasks is often immeasurable. Accept and appreciate that this may indeed be a watershed time for many in terms of the way “gardening” is perceived. It is going to change come what may! In the meantime, cherish life and living and everything around you.

There are a few more pictures from the garden with simple explanations – they may just help inspire and enthuse some of you into doing something different.

Till next time

Love your garden