Tea pots with built in strainers can make the process of enjoying your herbal tea very simply.  You can also choose to make up your own tea bags from coffee filters as shown below.  They’d make a wonderful homemade gift for any tea-lover.


– Coffee Filters
– String or heavy thread
– Loose tea leaves (dried or fresh)
– Scissors
– Stapler
– Paper or card for the tag

1. Flatten out a coffee filter. Cut a little off each side to make a more rectangular shape.
2.  Put about a teaspoon of loose tea in the centre of the coffee filter.
3.  Fold the coffee filter in half the long way, closing the tea inside.
4.  Fold the long sides back towards the middle, folding it over three times, making small folds.
5.  Now that the tea is folded inside, re-centre things by rolling the package so that the folded seam  is down the middle.
6.  Fold the filter package in half.
7.  Cut about 2cm off the top so that the package isn’t too long and skinny.
8.  Fold in the two top edges so that the top now comes to a point.
9.  Fold over the top point of your filter package just a little bit.  Lay a 12cm piece of string on top and then staple the fold closed, sealing the bag shut and attaching the string.
10.  Cut a little piece of card for the tab and fold it in half.  Place the string inside and then staple the two sides of the tab together, securing the string at the same time.