A Top Climber

BOTANICAL NAME: Jasminum polyanthum
COMMON NAME:  Chinese Jasmine



A rampant growing evergreen climber that can get totally out of hand if not kept under control.  Compound leaves of a dull green hue adorn the many stemmed vine.  During late winter and into spring, trusses of dark pink flower buds open into an abundance of sweetly scented white flowers.  The strong fragrance can become overpowering at times.


Easy to grow in most growing conditions, adapting to sun or shade.  They require some support to grow on.  If left unchecked, the vine can grow over trees and shrubs, ultimately smothering them.  Prune back after flowering.  Cut off or tie back wayward growth stems.  Feed every 3 months with a 5:1:5 slow-release nitrogen fertiliser.


Good for hiding fences or unsightly walls.  Suitable for garden archways and pergolas.  Often grown in pots on or around patios.  Sometimes they are used in decorative hanging baskets for spring.