A Top Ground Cover

BOTANICAL NAME: Juniperus procumbens nana
COMMON NAME: Creeping Juniper


DESCRIPTION: An evergreen, low-growing conifer with glaucous green, sharply pointed leaves.  Plants form wide spreading carpets 20cm to 30cm high and more than a metre wide.  They maintain their neat and tidy appearance all year long, lasting for many years in the garden.

CULTURAL INFORMATION:  Creeping junipers spread at a moderate rate of growth in sunny positions with well-drained soils.  The ground-hugging habit and dense foliage suppresses weed growth and reduces maintenance in the garden.  Growth can be kept in check with pruning back longer stems in late winter.  Tough, reliable and enduring, with few pest and disease problems.  Cold and frost-hardy.

GARDEN USES:  These plants are ideal for covering large tracts in the landscape, especially amongst larger shrubs and conifers.  They are good for cascading down banks or over retaining walls.  They can be used in pots and window boxes for year-round appeal.  They are extremely popular for bonsai specimen in the cascade style.