A Top Succulent

BOTANICAL NAME: Kalanchoe pumila
COMMON NAME: Dwarf kalanchoe

DESCRIPTION: A low growing shrublet, seldom exceeding 25cm high and usually being winder and spreading in habit.  The grey fleshy leaves turn purple in winter and are covered in a white powdery film which creates a dull look to the plant.  In late winter and spring, heads of small four-petalled flowers appear – mauvy-pink in colour, which combines well with the attractive foliage.

CULTURAL INFORMATION: These grow best in full sun and bright light.  The can endure light shade for limited periods.  They require well-drained soils and no competition from rampant companion plants.  Apply a 3:1:6 water-soluble plant food every 4 to 6 weeks for best results.  They are relatively pest and disease free and easy to grow.  They tolerate light winter frosts and are drought resistant.

GARDEN USES:  Contrasting colour and texture makes these a great plant for succulent gardens and rockeries.  They are good in pots or hanging baskets, either on their own or in mixed plantings.  They can be grown in small pots with relatively little fuss.