sweet pea


Sweet Peas are a cottage garden classic, producing beautiful blooms with the most gorgeous scent. You can train them onto a plant support to create a really impressive column of fragrant, spring colour, and they make excellent cut flowers. Plant sweet pea seeds this month. Apparently the 17th is the day!  Select the best seeds for your needs from the vast array in store this autumn.

Sweet peas can be a little tricky to germinate but are well worth the effort! They require scarification—a means of breaking through the hard outer covering to allow moisture to penetrate the seed. To achieve this, you can lightly roll them on a piece of rough sandpaper, so the seed coat gets nicked. Then sow at the recommended depth of 2cm.  Sweet peas need cool soil temperatures to germinate.

Sweet Peas like deep, rich, fertile, and well-drained soil. Prepare beds 30cm deep with lots of organic matter. Soil should be slightly alkaline or neutral. A slow release fertilizer is recommended at planting to ensure an even nutrient level throughout the growing season. If overfertilized, you will have lots of dark green leaves and few blooms. Keep roots cool by mulching and watering regularly during the season. Remove spent blossoms to increase bloom period.