There seems to a regular update of botanical classifications that often result in new names being given to plants. One of the most recent changes was the name Acacia which became either Senegalia or Vachellia depending on the flower and thorn structure of the plant. Just as everyone is coming to terms with these updates, Aloe barberae, the well known tree aloe has also been re-classified, due to a whole reshuffling of the aloe group. All the tree aloes have been accorded new names; most are now Aloidendron, whilst Aloe plicatilis is Kumara plicatilis. For those wanting to read more on the subject look out for the new book ‘Tree Aloes of Africa’ by Ernst van Jaarsveld and Eric Judd.

Safe to say, tree aloes will always remain prominent feature plants in the garden whatever their name might be in botanical terms. They’re big, bold and statuesque always making their mark in the landscape. The common tree aloes have flowered in spectacular fashion this 2016 winter season.