Impatiens have been the mainstay of the summer flower garden for decades. Recently, busy lizzy plants have been decimated by a fungus disease that has resulted in many crop failures. Fortunately, New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri hybrids) are not affected by the disease and are proving more that adequate replacements. They grow to a larger stature, produce an abundance of large brightly coloured flowers and some even have colourful foliage. Most are propagated from cuttings, but the ‘Divine Series’ is grown from seed and is sold in seedling packs. This range spreads wider and has a low mounding growth habit. Cutting grown plants grow upright and tall.

They are all fantastic plants for summer colour, both in the garden and containers. Although they grow in shade, more flowers are produced in brighter light conditions. Lots of water and regular applications of 3:1:6 water soluble plant fertiliser satisfy their thirst and greed. Prune back old or scraggly plants to keep them in good health.