Gardening in close proximity to the ocean has many challenges. Prevailing winds with high salinity levels wrecks havoc with many cultivated garden plants. That’s why strict legislation conserves all natural vegetation within a certain distance of the seashore. However numerous gardens exist in this sensitive zone and require careful plant selection in order to succeed.


Acalypha Hispaniolae (cat’s tails) E
Aloe striata (coral aloe) E | I
Aptenia cordifolia (baby sun rose) E | I
Arctotsis x hybrida (African daisy) E | I
Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengeri’ (emerald fern) E | I
Asystasia gangetica (asystasia) E | I
Barleria obtusa (bush violet) E | I
Barleria repens (dwarf bush violet) E | I
Bulbine abyssinica (bushy bulbine) E | I
Bulbine natalensis (broad-leaf bulbine) E | I
Carpobrotus edulis (sour fig) E | I
Carissa macrocarpa ‘Green Carpet’ (dwarf num-num) E | I
Catharanthus roseus (vinca) E | I
Chlorophytum comosum‘Vittatum’ (hen and chickens) E | I
Gazania rigens (trailing gazania) E | I
Conifer  Juniperus conferta (shore juniper) E
Limonium perezii (sea lavender) E
Osteospermum hybrid (African daisy) E | I
Pelargonium x hybrida (geranium) E | I
Phormium tenax (New Zealand flax) E
Portulaca oleracea (purslane) E
Portulacaria affra (pork bush) E | I
Sansevieria trifasciata (mother-in-law’s tongue) E
Sansevieria cylindrica (elephant’s toothpick) E | I


Abelia schumanii ‘Aurea’ (yellow abelia) E
Abeliax grandiflora ‘Francis Mason’ (golden abelia) E
Acalypha wilkesiana ‘New Dawn’ (copperleaf) E
Codiaeum variegatum (croton) E
Conifer Juniperus x media pfitzeriana ‘Plumosa Aurea’ (golden juniper) E
Conifer Juniperusx pfitzeriana ‘Sea of Gold’ (golden juniper) E
Conifer Platycladus orientalis ‘Aurea Nana Compacta’ (dwarf arborvitae) E
Conifer Platycladus orientalis ‘Golden Rocket’ (rocket arborvitae) E
Duranta repens ‘Aurea’ (golden dew drop) ED
Euonymous japonicas ‘Microphyllus Gold Dust’ (dwarf Japanese spindle) E
Euphorbia tirucalii ‘Sticks of Fire’ (Indian tree spurge) E | I
Ligustrum ‘Vicaryi’ (golden privet) D
Lonicera nitida ‘Baggesens Gold’ (dwarf honeysuckle) E
Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Aureus’ (ninebark) D
Polyscias filicifolia (golden aralia) E
Pseuderanthemum ‘Eldorado’ (golden false eranthemum) E
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum ‘Aureum’ (golden false eranthemum) E
Spiraea japonica ‘Gold Flame’ (golden May bush) D
Weigela florida‘Rubidor’ (golden weigela) D


Acer negundo ‘Kelly’s Gold’ (golden box elder) D
Conifer Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Gold Crest’ (Monterey cypress) E
Conifer Cupressus sempervirens ‘Swane’s Gold’ (golden pencil cypress) E
Conifer x Cuprocyparis leylandii ‘Gold Rider’ (golden leyland’s cypress) E


DECIDUOUS:  Plants that shed or lose foliage annually at the end of their growing season.
EVERGREEN:  Plants that retain their green leaves throughout the year.
INDIGENOUS:  Plants that originate or occur naturally in a place; native.

Whilst every care and caution has been taken in compiling these lists in terms of correctness and accuracy, Blackwood’s, nor any of their employees can be held liable or responsible if any of the recommendations are found to be incorrect in any way whatsoever. They are merely a guide to help gardeners and staff in finding solutions to gardening problems. All plants listed may not be available for sale at times. They do however all grow in the greater Pietermaritzburg area and surrounding districts and are to be found growing successfully in gardens.