No winter garden is complete without the delicate blooms of the Primula malacoides.  Generally a cool climate plant, you will find them flowering in winter and early spring gardens.  Available colours are white, pink, rose, crimson, lavender and purple. On the whole, the appearance of the Primrose is a dainty one. However, do not allow this delicate appearance deceive you. They are sturdy plants and once established, require no attention beyond the occasional dead heading.

Due to their height, they are a good filler for the middle to back section of your flower beds. In containers and hanging baskets they can be used to create a vertical accent.  They are perfect for shady areas of the garden, although they can tolerate dappled morning sun. It is a plant that thrives in the cool, short days of winter and early spring. They prefer soil that is rich in organic matter so it is important that you add compost to the soil before planting. Keep the soil moist, but not sodden and pay particular attention to watering if in pots or baskets. Primula malacoides do not like to get thirsty!