A Top Shrub

BOTANICAL NAME: Salvia Salmia Hybrids
COMMON NAME:  Flowering Sage Bush



Multi-branched shrubs attaining a height of around a metre with a similar spread.  The leaves are of a dull, rich green hue on dark stems.  Masses of tubular flowers are held on terminal flower spikes, appearing through much of the year.  Three unique colours are available:  dark purple, orange and pink.  They attract sunbirds to the garden.


These sun and heat tolerant beauties are ideal for mixed borders, large rock gardens and even combine well with ornamental grasses.  They can be used in large pots or containers, either individually, or in mixed plantings.  They are superb filler plants for adding a splash of long-term colour to empty spaces.

Salvia salmia requires well-drained soil and full day sunshine to ensure healthy growth and an abundance of blooms.  Prune back hard after flowering.  Apply a dressing of 5:1:5 fertiliser afterwards to encourage rapid re-growth.  Plants will burst back into bloom in 6 to 8 weeks.  They can tolerate light winter frost.