Herbal tea gardens are a great way to enjoy your favourite teas straight from the garden. Tea herbs are visually appealing and delightfully fragrant.  They also attract birds and butterflies which delight in the seeds and nectars that the plants produce.  Your tea garden will allow you to sit among these beautiful creatures while sipping on your favourite cuppa.  Here’s our top 5 Herbs for tea:

Lemony-scented and refreshing.  Given a tiny bit of garden room, Lemon Verbena will grow into a beautiful bushy plant, with lots of leaves to dry and store.  Grow in well-drained soil in full sun, or in a large pot.

This is a standard tea herb.  Mint can be used fresh or dried. Mints of all types are aggressive spreaders and are best grown in containers, unless you have a large space and are happy to have it wander.  This perennial grows well in partial shade and in most soils.  It does very well in pots, but remember to keep them watered!

Rosemary is a delightfully fragrant herb that makes a soothing tea. This tea has a fresh, piney essence.  Combine it with a touch of sweetener and a squeeze of lemon for the perfect flavour.  Plant in well drained soil.  In areas where winters are mild, rosemary can grow into large shrub-like plants.  They do well in containers too.

This is a lightly-flavoured tea herb known for its calming properties.  Chamomile is usually grown en masse in gardens.  The secret to a bountiful harvest from just a few plants is to harvest the flowers as soon as you see them.  Continue harvesting regularly throughout the season.  Chamomile can be grown in containers, but they definitely prefer to use a small bit of garden space for a better harvest.

Another lemony favorite! This perennial can take over the garden if you let it go to seed.  Cutting it back often (while making delicious tea) will develop a bushy plant and stop seeds from forming. It grows well in a pot, but be sure to water often!