A Top Climber

BOTANICAL NAME: Trachelospermum jasminoides
COMMON NAME:  Star Jasmine



A vigorous growing evergreen climber or vine with glossy, bright green leaves on long, wiry stems.  During winter, the foliage turns purple in cold climates.  Masses of starry white fragrant flowers cover the plants during late spring into early summer.  The sap is white and sticky to the touch.


Adaptable and enduring, star jasmine will grow exposed in full sun conditions and yet, also thrive in deep shade.  It grows in most soil types, but prefers well-drained, loamy types.  Apply a 5:1:5 slow release nitrogen fertiliser every three month as per recommended rates.  Prune back to keep in check and prevent the plants from climbing where they are not desired.  Cold and frost hardy.


Excellent for fences, trellises, wires attached to walls, archways and pergolas.  A versatile climber that can be contained by pruning or left to grow up to the top of large trees.  Used extensively as low ground cover in large landscapes.  Good on banks or cascading down retaining walls.