In many parts of the country, aloes are one of the most noticeable plants in the winter landscape. Most of our local indigenous aloes and many new hybrids bloom during May, June and July, bringing life and colour to gardens and natural areas. Bright flowers, rich in nectar, entice birds and insects to visit in their hoards. Few other plants play such a vital role in sustaining the health and well-being of so many creatures during cold winter months.

Winter is the ideal time for planting new aloes into the garden. Selecting new plants whilst they’re in bloom allows for personal preferences to be taken care of.  Aloes are tough, hardy plants that suffer little or no transplant trauma, ensuring that they can be planted out whilst still in full bloom. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours to look out for. A new range of miniature aloes is becoming all the rage these days. They’re ideal for pots, containers and smaller dish gardens.

Two of our favourite indigenous aloes: