BOTANICAL NAME: Crassula capitella ‘Campfire’
COMMON NAME:  Fire Crassula


A many-branched low-growing perennial indigenous succulent with fleshy leaves in rosettes up the length of each stem.  They’re sometimes neatly arranged in ranks of four.  During winter or times of stress through lack of water, the leaves turn brownish to orange and bright red.  This dramatic colouration makes a vibrant display in the garden.  Flowers are small and are borne on the ends of each stem.  They’re white to pale pink and often deemed insignificant and cut off at bud stage.

These plants need well-drained soil and a sunny position in the garden.  They withstand long periods of drought and yet, are able to cope better than many succulents with periods of excessive rainfall.  They are easy to grow and propagate.  Cold hardy.

Fire Crassula contrasts splendidly with other succulents, sporting colourful foliage, especially in the winter landscape.  They are ideal for mixed table gardens in pots or bowls.  Good as groundcover in larger landscapes and ‘indigenous-only’ gardens.