Zantedeschias are adorned with dark green foliage and long-lasting blooms.  Their majestic, elegant flowers are unmistakable and unique and make beautiful long-lasting cut flowers for the vase. They are available in a variety of rich, bold colours.  

LIGHT:  Potted zantedeschias require ample amounts of light for optimal growth and timely blooming. Make sure that you keep the potted plant on a bright windowsill where it receives natural light throughout the day.  (Avoid direct sunlight, especially during the peak parts of the day). 

WATER:  Zantedeschias prefer moist conditions and require plenty of water during their growth and flowering phases. Keep the soil moist, but never allow water to sit in the container.  Too much water will cause the bulb to rot.  Water to root level at least twice a week.

SOIL: Soil should be well-drained, preferably on the sandy side, with plenty of compost added.  Adding a layer of mulch to the surface of the soil will help to keep the tubers cool, and help retain moisture.

FERTILISER:  During the flowering period, zantedeschias should be fertilised with bulb food approximately every two weeks. 

REPOTTING:  After a couple of years, potted zantedeschias tends to become too heavy for their original pot. They can easily be repotted. Simply loosen the soil along the boundary of the pot and gently lift the plant without injuring the roots. Place the plant into its new, larger pot and refill it with fertile potting medium. Water it regularly.

(Note: The information provided in this article is based on general guidelines for cultivating Zantedeschias. Individual plant care may vary, so always observe your plant’s specific needs and adjust your care accordingly.)