BOTANICAL NAME: Euryops virgineus
COMMON NAME:  Honey Marguerite

An evergreen shrub clothed in fine lush foliage and masses of yellow daisies in winter and spring


Euryops virgineus is an evergreen shrub growing 1 to 2 metres high and equally as wide. The slender stems are clothed in fine, lush green foliage.  During winter and early spring, the bush is covered in masses of tiny yellow daisies.

These plants are a great addition to indigenous gardens, combining well with aloes and grasses in the winter landscape.  They are useful as a background plant for mixed borders.  The foliage lasts well in the vase in mixed floral arrangements.  The flowers attract bees and other insects to the garden.

Grows best in full sun, preferring well-drained soil.  Requires minimal watering once established.  Prune back after flowering, otherwise the plants can become tall and scraggly.