BOTANICAL NAME: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
COMMON NAME:  Paddle Plant or White Lady


A tall, robust succulent with large, flat, paddle-shaped leaves arranged in rosettes.  They form large clumps of multiple rosettas over a period of time.  The basal foliage can grow to 30cm high.  Tall, erect flower spikes up to 1.5m are borne from autumn to spring, depending upon the climate.  They are tightly packed with small yellow flowers which have a strong scent.  They grey-green leaves turn red in winter and are covered in a silvery-white bloom which adheres to the fingers if touched.

These plants grow easily in well-drained soils or rocky areas, preferably in full sun or light shade.  The flowers are borne in the second year of growth.  Spent flower spikes need to be cut back so that new off-sets can grow and rejuvenate the plant.  They are easy to grow, even in cold, dry climates.

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora make a bold statement in the landscape, both as a foliage plant and whilst in bloom.  They are ideal for large rock gardens, hot dry banks or in grass gardens.  They combine effectively with aloes and other succulents.  Good in large pots or urns.