Eye-catching and productive winter and spring bloomers. Anemones are one of the easiest ways to add colour and beauty to your winter and spring garden.

Plant the bulbs in a semi-sunny spot that receives shade in the hottest part of the day and in rich, light, well-drained sandy loam. Anemone bulbs often benefit from a pre-planting soak to get them ready to grow.  Place them in a bowl of room temperature water for a couple of hours, or even overnight.  While bulbs must be placed pointy side up, it’s often hard to distinguish this with anemone bulbs.  If in doubt, simply plant them on their side.  Make sure to only plant out anemone bulbs once the soil temperatures have cooled down considerably (typically from mid April to the end of May).  Once planted, water the bed or pot thoroughly.  Thereafter, give them a watering every 4 to 5 days.  While it’s important that you don’t let your bulbs dry, overwatering them can cause rot, so take care.