Blackwood Home of Gardening

Blackwood Nursery was established in July 2007 by the Howells Family in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal as a grower of quality flower and vegetable seedlings for the local Retail Trade. At the time, the owners were heavily involved in the growing, packing and exporting of citrus products. Given the tough market and labour conditions, a decision was made to bring some diversity to the farming operations, and a flower production nursery was the result. The resources available at the time made perfect sense.  There was sufficient suitable land available and an ample water supply. Market researched showed signes of opportunity.

Blackwood Nursery fast established itself as a leading grower of flower and vegetable seedlings, supplying the local garden centres of KwaZulu-Natal. In 2009, Blackwood Nursery took a bold step into the retail market by opening its facility up to the passing public trade, where there were able to retail their own products directly to the public. This proved challenging but very successful.

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In 2011, an opportunity presented itself to Blackwood Nursery to purchase its first independent retail garden centre – the McDonalds Garden Centre, which was well positioned in the Pietermaritzburg market. After a year of finding their feet in the business, a decision was made to rebrand their newly purchased store to what is today known as Blackwood’s Home of Gardening.

Blackwood Nursery in Richmond today grows and supplies in excess of 50% of the plant material currently sold at its store in Pietermaritzburg. This could not be possible without the valuable and experienced work of Mr Anthony Schofield. Anthony was brought into the business in 2012 to help establish a range of bagged and potted plant products at Blackwood Nursery. This has proved a major catalyst in making Blackwood Nursery a successful grower of quality garden plants.


To be the leader in every market we serve, to the benefit of our customers and stakeholders, by producing and supplying outstanding products

To provide service through dedication, attention to detail, and excellence.


It is our vision to bring to the public an innovative and quality driven range of garden products and to merchandise these using modern day merchandising techniques. To be the leading grower and retailer of quality products that bring satisfaction and joy to the gardeners of South Africa.


Blackwood Nursery boasts a staff compliment of some 45 hard working members of our local community who are dedicated to the day to day planting and caring for our quality products.

Our management team comprises of:

Craig Howells


Dave Howells

Wholesale Sales
to KwaZulu-Natal

Jenny Howells

Production Development
& Scheduling

Anthony Schofield

Production Manager
& Grower

Sonja Lindsay


Aron Nzimande

Human Resources
& Sales