Cordyline banksii ‘Electric Pink’

BOTANICAL NAME: Cordyline bankskii ‘Electric Pink’
COMMON NAME:  Pink New Zealand Cabbage Tree

Clump-forming perennial shrub with unusual pink and burgundy foliage

Cordyline bankskii ‘Electric Pink’ is a clump-forming or sometimes single-stemmed shrub which grows to 2 metres tall.  It has fibrous, slender strap-shaped leaves of 1 metre long.  The beauty of this plant is the unusual pink and burgundy foliage which stands out strikingly in the landscape.  The soft and graceful habit adds to the appeal.  Flowers are seldom seen.

It is an outstanding feature plant for large pots or in strategic parts of the garden.  Make sure that plants have space to grow and maintain their shape and form without being compromised by other plants or structures.

Grows in full sun or semi-shade in good garden soil or potting medium for pots.  Water regularly, but avoid water-logging.  Feed every 8 weeks with a 5:1:5 granular fertiliser.  Remove old brown leaves by pulling them away from the stem.  Cold and frost-hardy.