Lemons originate from Northern India and have been cultivated for centuries all around the world. The fruit are grown commercially for a diverse range of uses from soft drinks, concentrates, pharmaceuticals, beauty products and household cleaners. Around the home, fresh lemons are used daily for culinary and cleaning purposes. The beauty about these wonderful trees is that they have fruit ripening almost continuously through the year, providing a continuous supply of fresh lemons.

Lemon trees are easy to grow and can be grown in most climates, except in the coldest of cold parts. They need full sun, rich well drained soil and regular watering and feeding through the year.  Lemon trees are also lovely features for large pots or urns. The fragrance of the blossom is strong and permeates the garden air during each successive flush of blooms. There are a number of different cultivars on the market. ‘Eureka’ originated in California and is the most popular lemon type for planting in the garden. They have large, smooth skinned, yellow fruit with plenty of acidic juice. Make sure that your garden has a lemon tree growing in it.