With the on-set of autumn, now is the perfect time to prepare your soil for planting winter and spring annuals. Your garden is a living ecosystem that starts with the soil. Each handful of healthy soil contains billions of microscopic fungi, bacteria and insects that are hard at work transforming organic material into food your plants can use.Gardeners who start with the soil are rewarded by vibrant, thriving gardens.

Compost supports soil life

Compost is the foundation of healthy soil, but adding compost is not about adding nutrients to your soil. In fact, by the time organic matter  has broken down into well-rotted compost (which is what you want), most of the plant nutrients have already been used up.

Instead, compost is all about soil structure. Compost inoculates your soil with diverse microbial life, helping to create beneficial air and water pockets and improve your soil’s ability to store and then gradually release both water and nutrients. All of this creates the foundation for a thriving soil ecosystem.

There are many wonderful ways to care for your garden’s soil life. If you are not unsure, pop in and chat to the Blackwood’s team.  We have loads of advice and products to assist you in ensuring the healthiest soil. Your microbes and other soil life will thank you – and your gardening efforts will be rewarded with strong, healthy plants.