Spring is the most important season for applying fertiliser to most plants in the garden. Here is some simple advice.

  • Always read the instructions and apply fertiliser at the recommended rate
  • Never put granular fertiliser or organic pellets close to the stem of a plant
  • Sprinkle on the surface of the soil around the drip line of the tree or shrub
  • Do not dig the fertiliser in around plants as this damages the root system
  • Water after application to settle the fertiliser in place
  • Fertilise regularly during the spring and summer growing season at recommended frequency depending on the type of fertiliser being used
  • We recommend 5:1:5 slow release nitrogen fertiliser as a general purpose plant food for the whole garden
  • Some plants like the protea family and tea bushes do not like any fertiliser BEWARE of feeding fertiliser intolerant plants
  • Smaller plants like annuals and perennials are best fed with water soluble fertilisers every 10 to 14 days – we recommend 3:1:6 formula for flowers and vegetables
  • For more detailed information consult with our sales team