Figs have been cultivated for thousands of years and yet, still remain popular as home grown fruit.  ‘White Genoa’ is a cultivar that has proved to be successful in the Pietermaritzburg climate and surrounding Midlands areas.  It’s a robust grower that produces heavily, with two ripening periods; one in summer and the main crop in early autumn.  Medium sized figs have greenish-yellow skin with sweet, amber coloured flesh.  Excellent for jams or picked green for making fig preserve.  Fresh fruit are delicious eating as well.

Plant figs in a sunny position in well drained soil with free air movement all around the tree.  They can also be grown in a large pot or container.  Water them during dry period only.  Feed in spring and summer with a low nitrogen fertiliser like 2:3:4.  Prune back any long or unweildy growth in winter.  Regular pruning is not necessary in the home garden.