Sedum prealtum

BOTANICAL NAME:  Sedum prealtum
COMMON NAME:  Shrub stonecrop


DESCRIPTION:  A bushy shrub growing in excess of half a metre tall and equally as wide.  Fleshy, oblong, yellowy-green leaves are held in rosettes atop fleshy branches.  In spring, branched clusters of bright yellow flowers lend an eye-catching blaze of colour to the landscape.

CULTURAL INFO:  Easy to grow in a diversity of different climates and situations.  Cold and drought resistant, this Mexican plant can be relied on in most sunny positions and in well draining soil.  Prune back after flower if needs be.

GARDEN USES:  A good plant for sunny banks, especially where soil is dry and impoverished.  Useful in pots or containers.  Lovely background shrub for succulent and aloe gardens.