The mark of a good, well manicured garden is an emerald green lawn framing the flower beds.  Spring is the time to start with a solid lawn care program to ensure optimum results through the rest of the growing season.

Scarify to remove matted or dead grass (thatch) on deep rooted grasses like kikuyu and cynodon
Aerate with spiked roller or garden fork if soil is hard
Apply lawn dressing to level out hollows and depressions on the surface
Fertilise with 2:3:2 general purpose garden fertiliser
Apply lime in areas with acid soil conditions
Water immediately after fertilising
Continue fertiliser application regularly through the growing season at 4 to 6 week intervals – use 3:2:1 slow release nitrogen at this stage
Mow regularly – never cut off more than one third of the length of a leaf blade at any one time
Treat broad leaf weeds with a selective herbicide