There are still lily bulbs available for planting out now. They will bloom in late spring or early summer, depending on the type of lilium and the climatic conditions that prevail in the growing season. They produce a profusion of beautiful large flowers on tall, stout stems. Lililium longiflorum hybrids have sweetly scented, trumpet-shaped flowers and can grow to well over a metre tall. Asiatic lilies are shorter, with smaller, open blooms in an array of bright colours. All lilies are excellent cut flowers for the vase. Just beware of the sticky pollen, as it can stain clothes and household goods.

Lilies enjoy rich, loamy soils and plenty of water after planting through to flowering. A cool root zone keeps the plants in good health. Full sun or dappled shade is preferred to too much shade, which can cause weak or straggly growth. Planting depths vary according to bulb size and variety, with all the relevant cultural information supplied on the packaging. Plant lily bulbs in wire mesh baskets sunk into the ground or in large pots to prevent moles from feasting on them. Regular applications of bulb fertiliser will always ensure spectacular results.