Most local gardens have agapanthus growing in them. They are so reliable and easy to grow, lending colour to the summer landscape year after year. Today there are numerous new hybrids on the market with spectacular coloured blooms, some bi-coloured and others unusual. These make an even greater impact in the garden because they are so different from the common old blue and white agapanthus. Be aware of the fact that some are tall growing and others are compact and dwarf. Always make sure that you select the best agapanthus for your garden needs.

Agapanthus need full day sunshine in order to bloom prolifically. They grow in relative shade, but never flower as well as in the sun. Be on the constant look out for lily borer or amaryllis worm. These caterpillars decimate agapanthus and clivias, especially during the summer period. Treat with KOINOR as soon as these pests are detected. Plants look like they are rotting but in fact, have been eaten by the borer.