Agaves are the American equivalent of our African aloes.  Although not too closely related, they do have a close resemblance in terms of having rosettes of large fleshy leaves, often with a sharply toothed margin. Agaves are cultivated for their foliage. Some have variegated leaves, some have sharp terminal leaf spines, a few are totally smooth.

There is an abundance of different agaves, both large and small. They are excellent container plants or out in the open garden. Their majestic, symmetrical shapes dominate many a landscape, both locally and abroad. Perhaps one of the best known agaves is Agave tequilana from which the well known alcoholic beverage Tequilla is distilled.

Agaves are easy to grow and require very little care and attention. There is a range of different agaves in stock now ready and waiting to add a whole different dimension to your garden. A most collectible group of plants.