Looking for the ‘wow’ factor?  Then Iceland poppies are just the thing! They’re the most popular poppy for good reason.  Planted out from May in autumn temperatures, they can transform your garden into a winter wonderland.

While Iceland poppies can be grown from seed, many gardeners feel that they have better results when growing theirs from seedlings.  When purchasing poppy seedlings, there are no visible blooms on the plants.  Don’t let this be a concern. Poppies offer their best display when planted early in the season, soon providing blooms that will keep appearing right through winter into late spring.


Plant out your poppies in well-drained soil and in a sunny spot in the garden.  Keep a look out for snails while your seedlings are small.  Once your plants start flowering, make sure that you pick them regularly.  The more you pick, the more your poppies shall flower.

Striking new hybrids are now available in mixed shades, as well as in single colours for those with specific colour schemes. For lovers of subtle hues there are pastel mixes. These look lovely when planted with spring bulbs, as well as interplanted with low-growing annuals like pansies.