Aloes in bloom are iconic of the South African winter garden and bushveld scene. They are important sources of nectar and food for birds and insects during this period of relative hardship. Today, aloes are becoming more and more valuable as attractive plants for gardens, both large and small. In fact, many of the newest aloe hybrids to hit the market are especially bred for their small size and suitability for growing in pots and containers in restricted sunny spaces in suburbia.

Many of the early flowering aloe hybrids are already in full bloom. Now is an ideal time to visit Blackwoods to catch up on all the new releases for this year. These are on offer, along with many tried and trusted old favourites and will continue to feature prominently through the whole autumn and winter season.

Aloes available now, to name but a few, include:

– ‘Porcupine’
– ‘Saffron’
– ‘Ice Cream’
– ‘Sea Urchin’
– ‘Egoli’
– ‘Orange Delight’
– ‘Red Rooster’
– ‘Limelight’


Growing hints:

  • Full sun
  • Well drained to dry impoverished soil
  • Very low water requirements
  • Feed sparingly with granular fertiliser in spring
  • Some aloes are cold and frost hardy – check before planting

Garden uses:

  • Succulent and aloe gardens
  • Pots and containers
  • Feature plants in formal landscapes
  • Dwarf aloes in small terracotta pots
  • Hot dry banks