Succulents come into their own in dry winter garden conditions. Many of them bloom during this time of the year, whilst others have leaves that colour up during the colder weather. Collectively, they are making great impact in gardens, especially where water is scarce. There are literally thousands and thousands of different types of plants that are classified as succulents. This makes succulent growing and collecting a popular pastime with garden hobbyists.


Preparing a succulent garden is simple and easy. Good drainage is paramount to successful succulent growing. This can be achieved by building a raised rockery or rock garden over a pile of old rubble or stones. Add river sand to the soil to improve drainage. Full sun and warmth are also vital for most types of succulents, including aloes. Some succulent plants also grow in the shade, but they are very much the exception to the rule. Be sure to check on the growth habits, shapes and sizes of all the different succulents before positioning them in the garden. Maintaining balance and harmony is important in a well designed succulent garden.


Use succulents for planting under the eaves of the house where rainfall is limited. They thrive in the harsh growing conditions and enjoy the dryness during the wet season. They’re also great in pots and hanging baskets. This gives them flexibility in being able to be moved into optimum growing conditions when it rains or shade becomes a problem. Succulents are often used as indoor plants in well-lit growing conditions. Have lots of fun with succulents in your winter garden.