Carex Oshimensis Evergold

BOTANICAL NAME: Carex Oshimensis ‘Evergold’
COMMON NAME:  Variegated Sedge

An evergreen grass that adds a soft texture and contrasting colour to gardens


Carex Oshimensis ‘Evergold’ is an evergreen sedge grass that grows in low tufty clumps up to 30cm high and approximately as wide.  The slender grass leaves have a prominent central creamy yellow stripe that illuminates the whole plant.  Brown flower spikes appear in the spring, adding a different dimension to the garden.

This plant is a valuable addition to many gardens, lending a soft texture and contrasting colour to pots, containers, flower borders and grass gardens.  It also grows in damp, boggy soils around ponds, streams and water features.  It’s lovely planted in large groupings as a groundcover or dotted amongst an area of pebbles.

Grows in sun or semi-shade.  It’s best planted in rich, loamy soils that retain moisture.  Prune back or divide clumps that get thick and unwieldy.  Feed every 2 months with a high nitrogen fertiliser.  Cold and frost-hardy.